Medical Requirements
Preparticipation Examinations
Preseason physicals are required for all incoming student-athletes and third-year participants at DWU. Each student-athlete who is planning to compete in Tiger Athletics must provide the athletic training department with a completed physical and medical history questionnaire by a qualified doctor of orthopedics, medical doctor or physician’s assistant before they will be allowed to attend any practices or workouts.

This practice is meant to help safeguard all student athletes from injury and/or potential harm that may arise from athletic participation. These forms are available in the athletic training department, the campus nurse’s office or on the web.

Shared Responsibility for Sport Safety and Medical Consent
Each year, the student-athletes at DWU are required to fill out and complete the shared responsibility for sport safety statements acknowledging the possibility of injury associated with sport participation and recognizing their responsibilities to aid in providing a safe environment for themselves and their teammates.

In addition to this assumed risk, DWU also authorizes student-athletes to grant permission to the sports medicine staff to provide the necessary medical care, treatment, rehabilitation, first aid and emergency treatments that may arise as a result of athletic participation.

Any student-athlete under the age of 18 will also require parental permission for both of the above statements. A parental signature acknowledges the responsibilities of a minor in sport safety concerns and consent for medical treatment to be given by the DWU sports medicine team if deemed necessary.

Shared Resposibility Form (Word)

Shared Resposibility Form (PDF)

Insurance Requirements
ALL DWU student-athletes must demonstrate and show proof of a primary billable (in South Dakota) health insurance plan BEFORE competing (includes practice) or using DWU facilities. If student-athletes do not own a primary insurance policy as stated above they will be required to purchase one before being allowed to practice or compete. Current and prospective athletes are encouraged to consult insurers of their choice for this required coverage, or contact the athletic training department to obtain information on a few local insurers if desired. Any changes in insurance coverage for student-athletes during the academic year must be reported to the head athletic trainer.

It is the responsibility of the student-athlete and/or the parents/guardians to contact the athletic training department regarding such changes to avoid any lapse in coverage. Failure to report changes or lapses in primary insurance coverage may result in the denial of insurance claims by the university’s insurance carrier. In this event, all expenses incurred will be the sole responsibility of the student-athlete and or his/her parents/guardians.

It is essential that each student-athlete contacts his or her insurance provider and receives all proper pre-authorizations before treatment/healthcare is provided. In any instances where the student-athlete or his/her parents have failed to contact their insurance provider and payment is rejected, the athlete will assume all responsibility for the unpaid bills.

Student-athletes at DWU are provided with a secondary insurance policy to help defray costs incurred from injuries due to athletic participation at DWU. This secondary insurance is only used once the student-athlete’s primary insurance carrier has processed the claim. All claims for medical bills from injuries resulting from athletic participation must be filed through the campus nurse or head athletic trainer. Failing to comply with the claims process will result in the student-athlete absorbing all financial responsibility.

Health Information and Confidentiality
Dakota Wesleyan University and its healthcare entities (student health services, athletic training department and team physicians) are dedicated to protecting and maintaining the privacy of all student and staff individually identifiable health information as covered under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Therefore, all health and insurance information acquired by the athletic training department is handled confidentially within the offices of the athletic training department, campus nurse and team physicians. DWU reserves the right to discuss and disclose medical and insurance information with all medical providers related to injuries from athletic competition.

However, any disclosure of medical information regarding an athlete’s injury outside of these sources will be at the sole discretion of the athlete. If an athlete wishes to disclose information to ANY entity (this will include parents for those 18 years of age and older!) they will be required to fill out the proper form for the Release of Medical Information.

All forms regarding information releases are located in the offices of the athletic training department and must be picked up, filled out and submitted to the head athletic trainer. Any information released will be done by the head athletic trainer or his representative, and only to the student-designated agencies or entities. Coaches are directed to not release any information relating to athletic injuries and should refer all questions to the head athletic trainer. Parents and other individuals wishing further information on this subject are encouraged to contact the head athletic trainer.
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